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Neurosophia vs. Coaching


Synopsis of Neurosophia®: Human Potential Development ProgramTM

Neurosophia® is a Human Potential Development Program, based on the scientific methods of Neuroscience and Anthroposophy, and designed to offer integral support to the individual in attaining conscious awareness of their actions and in the alignment of their human faculties (thought, feeling and desire) to their life goals; all done in a free, positive, organic and sustainable way.

More than traditional coaching, it is an unprecedented methodology that seeks to facilitate the self-knowledge of individuals through scientifically tested and approved instruments and techniques. Perfect for individuals seeking self-knowledge and also companies that wish to strengthen their enterprises and workforce.

The entire process of Neurosophia® consists of 12 sessions of character therapy and inspiration, with the aid of specially designed evaluation tools, neuropsychological techniques, and art therapy (drawing techniques, clay modeling, poetry, and theater).

Five Principles of Neurosophia®: Human Potential Development ProgramTM

  1. Learning; auto-direction; focus on results
  2. We learn best when we find our own answers.

  3. Focus on solutions
  4. Coaching does not go to the source of the problem.

  5. Externalization
  6. People do their best when they are challenged and extended.

  7. Positive Feedback
  8. Neurosophia aims to provide positive reinforcement and not point out what people do wrong.

  9. Structure
  10. Neurosophia is an approach to promoting change.

What Exists With Coaching

The traditional forms of coaching are based on the internal process of healing and the external process of creating, but do not care about the individual aspect of each person. In other words, they do not have a personalized approach but instead employ a standardized methodology to everyone, irrespective of their individual characteristics.

The focus is on the pursuit of external results, rather than on the person being fully present in all their thoughts, feelings and actions.


The Differences

Neurosophia has a totally personalized approach, because it brings each person to an awareness of their own individuality, and causes them to place themselves integrally into the process of discovering how they think, feel and desire.

The methodology analyzes each individual as a whole, so it is able to assist people in all aspects of their life, from the spiritual and personal to the professional, utilizing training, mentoring and business consulting.


Come and connect with yourself to maximize your potential for a LIFE WITH MORE PURPOSE AND HUMAN CAPITAL!