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A Career in Neurosophia®


For people who want to adopt Neurosophia® as a career, the first step is to complete the human potential development program, which consists of twelve weekly sessions of an hour and a half each. During these twelve sessions of the program, which is based on concepts of neurologia by Milton Erickson and David Rock, will provide a modification of thinking patterns in which the person will have more control of the brain's developed and intellectual areas and its emotional and affective functions.

Neurosophia® allows the identification and understanding of errors in judgment and choice by promoting the evolution of the person’s “System 1” (based on our faster, automatic mental operations without voluntary control, such as impressions, intuitions and emotions), to “System 2” (anchored in slower and more controlled mental operations, triggered by complex reasoning, based on subjective decision-making, analysis, and affectivity experiences).

At the end of the program, the participant, in addition to having modified his own thinking pattern, will be trained and ready to apply the methodology to other people.


The learning is useful and compatible in all areas of life; improving your personal, family and professional performance.

In short, Neurosophia® allows replacement of the old model based only on productivity, to a model that combines productivity with humanity.